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May 23, 2008



I would say this about your comments on the Stead book (whcih I haven't read), though: Parents DO seem prone to long speeches and rants when you're a kid... But on the flip side, kids are highly attuned to injustice, so if she's treated badly, I'm sure she'd notice.


That's a great point, kp, about the long speeches and rants...

Sara O'Leary

I always thought that the Peanuts cartoons got it right - you're giving your kid some big talk and they're just hearing: MWAH-MWAH-MWAH-MWAH.

That Maisie you've popped up there isn't as pretty as the one I used to have. I actually bought a repro of the painting because I liked it so much - wonder what it was. Oh, all the books I've loved and lost.

You know, I'd love to do a modern revisioning of Maisie ... are you dibbsing the idea? Right now I'm working on a contemporary take on Blithe Spirit. I always thought it would be interesting if it wasn't played as comedy.


I tried to read The Man Who Loved Children about seven years ago but didn't finish.

Some others that might work for your list:
Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid
Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood


I also tried to read The Man Who Loved Children and stopped. I just couldn't do it.


Feel free to rewrite Maisie, Sara. I don't think I'll ever get to it. The Blithe Spirit thing sounds interesting.

Kate and Carrie: I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't finish it. And Carrie, thanks for the Annie John and Cat's Eye suggestions.


Hmmm... I'm sure there are many more I like, but what comes to mind now is (the first part of) Wide Sargasso Sea.

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