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September 03, 2008



We have had the laptop lunch boxes for two years now and love them. I have never seen (or for that matter ever made) such fancy looking lunches in them however. Now I almost feel like a big slacker.


We have a laptop lunchbox, too, and found it was too big for my daughter's appetite -- my husband uses it instead, and she uses traditional bento boxes (she's in kindergarten). But it is a bit more flexible in terms of including wet foods, because of the lidded container.

We have used bento boxes for our daughter since she was in preschool. Some days are fancy* (maybe twice a week?) but most days are fairly utilitarian. It always looks pretty, though, because of the way it's arranged in the little box (using the silicon cupcake cups and tucking in cherry tomatoes or edamame or grapes around the items so they won't move gives automatic flair to the lunch).

*Fancy can mean "I used a cookie cutter on your bread" or "I made you a trilobite out of a piece of sweet bell pepper and some carrot."

Perfectly Disgraceful

I'm impressed that you would even consider attempting such lunches. We are rather boring in the lunch department and I can't say that I aspire to creative lunches, not that I make them, their dad takes care of that, thank goodness.

Do you have Bread and Jam for Frances? Or Best Friends for Frances? By Russell and Lillian Hoban? The descriptions of the lunches just slay me.


I'm totally jealous of my son's Laptop Lunch Box. My husband packs my sons lunch and we never do anything that fancy. If one of us takes some extra time or effort to make the food fun and exciting, he refuses to eat it. Go figure.


Must get the Frances books.

And I have to admit that although I've used the laptop lunchbox, I haven't managed to do anything creative yet, not even the cookie cutter thing. Which is a most excellent idea, thanks Darice.

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