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May 31, 2009



C-section = not a big deal!! Or at least it wasn't for me. I don't *think* my abdomen will fall out. I can't walk quite as far as I think I can (I made it a block and a half today) but otherwise can function quite normally. I hope you do as well this time around!


OH yuk about the cold! I hope you are feeling shipshape very soon (well, not exactly like a ship, but I'm sure you know what I mean.)


I think it was the drugs that did me in with my c-section more than the surgery itself. The home nurse told me to alternate between ibuprophen and tylenol and things started to get much better (the other stuff - percocet maybe? was making me crazy).


Glad to hear your c-section went so well, K.

G, I think feeling like a ship would be an improvement -- they move so easily through the water. Maybe I should go swimming. But then I'd have to get in a bathing suit. Horrors.

Yeah, M, I think they only gave me a heavy-duty pain drug for a day or two. After that it was tylenol...

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