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June 05, 2012


Annie Logue

Heh. When my son was in preschool, I told him that one of his friend's parents were going to China to get a new baby. "Babies do not come form China!" he told me. "They come from their mother's tummies!"

Susan Porter

Stephany....too funny Elliana and I had almost the exact same conversation Sunday during our family walk to the park. It started as it was my nine year olds birthday and we were discussing how we spent the last day or two in the hospital before he was born. Like you I had c.sections and Elliana also wanted to know if I came out my mothers vigina and went on to express with her hand how the viginal opens up and the baby comes out and then said "Yuck, I want to have my babies come out of my belly and not my vigina" Thus, this led to the discussion about how much better it is for babies to be born naturally through the vagina. Glad to hear other young families are having these conversations as well.


Susan, that is too funny. I think seven is the age where they start to become really fascinated with the anatomy. We've been having lots of discussions about "privates" -- which seems to be what they are calling them at school, although Luke told me the other day that "some of the boys call them 'pickles'" -- and how they aren't for anyone else to see. Now Sylvie is picking up on it all and is loudly telling everyone "don't look at my bum!" every time she has a bath or uses the toilet.


I had the awkwardest moment last week while having dinner at a friend's house. Their 5-year-old came down the stairs and when I asked her where my 5-year-old daughter was, she said, in front of the 10 persons party, "She's upstairs cutting my Tinkerbell's vagina". Some of them laughed nervously, so I went to see what my daughter was actually doing. She said that Tinkerbell was giving birth and the baby wouldn't come out and she didn't want her tummy opened. I guess that's what happens when you answer all of your children's questions as straightforward as possible. :)

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