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September 25, 2007



Hi there,
I believe the book you're seeking is "Little Plum", not "Little Peach". I loved those books to death. I must have read "The Doll's House" at least a dozen times. I wrote a fan letter to Rumer Godden when I was 9. She was kind enough to write me back.

I am also fascinated with "little people" and dollhouses (my dear wonderful father made me two of them).

Are you familiar with Algernon Blackwood's story, "The Doll"? It's a scary one. Became a wonderful episode of "Night Gallery" - I saw it as a child, and immediately wished I hadn't. Same with that little voodoo doll in the Karen Black movie, "Trilogy of Terror". Remember that? Creepy.

Anyway, take care.
Lovely blog. :-)


Very lovely. I added you to my blogroll. :)


These folks...http://www.fetchbook.info/
can do a search of over 100 book sellers in a few seconds for any title. I can't remember ever coming up blank. Someone always has the book, somewhere. Good luck!


Steph, I am the family reporter at the Seattle P-I. If you have a moment could you drop me an email with your number? I would like to talk to you about a potential story.

Stephany Aulenback

Melissa, thanks for so much for the info on the title. I believe you're right! And no, I'm not familiar with Algernon Blackwood's story -- I'll look for it. And I'll look for the Trilogy of Terror, too. Maybe. I'm a wimp when it comes to horror movies. Always was.

Will look for it on fetchbook, Jamie, thanks so much.

Thanks, Kate!

WorkingDad, I will email you directly.

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