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December 31, 2007



What an angel! A very Happy New Year to you and your family!


That's a bonny looking boy. Nice snowman too. We watched the Raymond Briggs video of The Snowman this week (on youtube?) but my son found the ending "very violent ... much more violent than Star Wars."


His cheeks are so rosy! There is no snow in San Antonio. Snow is magical and mythical to my son, and seeing it someday has become an important dream of his ever since he saw Frosty The Snowman this year. Oh - I should say, last year.

Stephany Aulenback

The snowman got better-looking with time. After I took that picture we gave him a mouth made of twigs. But by then Luke was tired of having his picture taken. Now I've got to go watch that Raymond Briggs video. I can't remember how The Snowman ends. More violent than Star Wars?!

Tell W. that snow is magical and mythical for the first couple of times. And then the more of it you get, the more horrible it gets. I saw a funny parent hack today -- the mother advised bringing a few tubs full of snow into the house to play with rather than bothering to get the children all bundled up and then standing around freezing to death outside. Apparently she sets the tubs of snow on a sheet of plastic. I'm tempted. Luke is always desperate to go outside but once I've finally managed to wrestle his flailing limbs into his snowsuit, he becomes desperate to take the thing off. He can barely move in it. And he looks like a mini-Michelin man.

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