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December 20, 2007



This is a perfect take on the situation. Thank god my fourth grader seems to be completely unaware of it, as she is of the, ahem, details of baby-making (we keep waiting for her to ask, but not even a baby sister and multiple pregnancies raised her curiosity). I don't credit her pop culture ignorance to superior parenting, though, I've realized it's just a personality quirk. I fear the baby sister shows signs of being a potential party girl who will be singing along with all the pop tarts by the time she is six.

Stephany Aulenback

Hi Mary!

That's so funny about M being completely unaware of baby making details. She's such a reader, I wonder if she's simply researched the topic herself and doesn't feel the need to ask any questions. There are so many good books on the subject, even picture books for fairly young kids, that would be available even in school libraries, I should think.

I've been thinking a bit more on the JL Spears thing and I just can't get over how het up parents are getting about it. It's not that I think teenagers having sex is something to be taken lightly, it's just that our culture is so sexualized. It's okay to have all kinds of sexual imagery/innuendo everywhere (it's almost impossible to avoid it) but it's not okay to be aware of the consequences of sexual activity? It boggles the mind...

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