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December 12, 2007


elizabeth ellen

we *just* watched who's afraid of virginia w. last week! i'd seen it a couple times in my "youth," a.k.a. young adulthood, but never really "got" it. and to tell you the truth, i'm still not sure i got it. but i love it, despite the not totally getting it. had you seen it before? can you clue me in? the "son" is fictional, yes? i'm feeling really thick right now. just for the record, neither my mother nor aaron are certain either.

and i agree. they'd have to way dumb it down if they remade it. women can't be that witty today. well, no one can, really. but esp. women. and what actress would allow herself to look like THAT? or be like THAT? cate blanchett? maybe. she'd never be bloated enough, though...wasn't taylor only 35 (or around there) when they filmed it? amazing.

Stephany Aulenback

Yes, I think the son is a fantasy, an imaginary son rather like an imaginary friend. I think. It is definitely confusing. I thought the whole imaginary son thing a bit over-the-top, also the whole ambiguous bit about whether George killed his parents. I felt the story didn't really need that kind of *real* melodrama when the couple were so naturally melodramatic about their horrible marriage. But what incredible dialogue. Wow. And the acting. I had no idea that Elizabeth Taylor could act like that. It's funny -- you noticed her looking terrible and I know she was meant to look pretty bad. They made her hair wild and she was a bit heavy compared to her earlier self (but not at all compared to her later self). I'm pretty sure they also painted some wrinkles on her. But all the time I was watching I couldn't help but notice her perfect bone structure (that jawline!) and features (that nose!).

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