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December 04, 2007



Oh I love post! If my husband ever leaves me I've got plans to run off with my postman. And I love this entry-- I think it's set me off on a tangent. I LOVE 84 Charing Cross Road-- read it last year and found it perfect. And I'm reading Letters Between Six Sisters now and like I always do when I'm reading letters like this, I've been having epistolary dreams. Other postal books... I will think about it. "For Esme With Love and Squalor"?


Well, I'm not sure I'd say it's a GOOD one, but I use "Bunny Mail" (Rosemary Wells) wtih kids for part of the idea of Print Awareness.

But one I do love is "Dear Zoo."

There is also a hilarious one about writing letters to the tooth fairy, which I can't remember exactly, and a truly ridiculous one that is a series of letters between mother and son - I don't know that author , but the artist I believe was David Caltrow.

Plus there's the Kate Klise books, "Regarding the Fountain" and the others.

And some recent adult book called "Life on the Refrigerator Door" or something similar written as a series of notes between mother and daughter.

I know I'm not being very specific here, because I am not at work and will have to get up to fetch the child fromt he bath any second. If I remember, I'll come back and give more details tomorrow morning!

BTW, I have never been able to make bloglines work with your blog. Do you have feeds turned off? (Hence why I visit so sporadically!)


Canadian author Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine series is both beautiful and entertaining: http://www.amazon.ca/Griffin-Sabine-trilogy-Nick-Bantock/dp/0877017883/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1196819742&sr=8-1

My daughter also loved "Dear Fairies" by Sandy Nightingale, where a girl writes letters to the fairies who live in her garden; it comes with writing paper, envelopes and "fairy dust".

Each year when my daughters go to camp, I write them long letters with stickers and little drawings or embossed postcards with message from their cats - it's the only time I write real letters; I will miss it when they outgrow this (soon, I think as teenagers are too cool for this sort of thing).

P. Bucak

For adults: The Letters of E.B. White are every bit as beautiful/funny/strange as his essays and fiction.

Stephany Aulenback

Great suggestions! Thanks everyone and keep them coming...


Jean Webster's Daddy-Long-Legs and its sequel, Dear Enemy, are classics. My copies have been read so often that they are falling apart.

I know there must be more...off to peruse my bookshelves...


oh, and seasonal - JRR Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas. I am still trying to track down a decent copy of this, recommended by my Aussie friends who apparently can just walk into a bookstore and purchase it off the shelf...


I can't get enough. "Dear Mr. Henshawe" by Beverly Cleary.


There was a re-issue of the Tolkien fairly recently because I know we have one around somewhere.
For grown-ups, especially grown-up writing mother-types I highly recommend the book of correspondence between Margaret Laurence and Adele Wiseman. Can't think of the title offhand.

Stephany Aulenback

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks, and keep them coming. I'll do an update post on post in a few days.


Just reading this in the Guardian book blog and it seems to pertain:
I think that for me it is precisely the gap between the shaped prose and the quotidian that fascinates.

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