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December 14, 2007



Thanks for this link - fascinating.
But I have stalled on this:

Both Carles are thrilled with the Florida house, which is finished except for a few items, including a rug based on the endpaper of Mr. Carle’s latest book, “Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?” (Mr. Pons is having the rug custom-woven in Canada.)

I wonder where in Canada you can get a rug based onthe endpapers of books. I want one!

I can't remember if you already posted on this site featuring endpapers but there are some beauts:

Stephany Aulenback

I imagine that the rug company doesn't generally base its rugs on the endpapers of books. It's probably some ridiculously expensive weaver. Maybe we should call the architect and see...

Thanks for the endpaper link! Gorgeous!

elizabeth ellen

oh, we'll have to look for that next time we're visiting my mom.
i'm going to read that article now. thanks for posting!

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