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January 02, 2008



this post totally cracked me up.

If you need a pleasant diversion, Street of a Thousand Blossoms might do it. Not my usual fare, but I enjoyed it. Enough to think about reading some of the author's other books.

and I just started The Year of Living Biblically. Entertaining enough, although I read his first book and find this one much the same - entertaining in small doses but impossible to read straight through. Forgive my indelicacy but they are perfect, ahem, bathroom books.


Terrific post. I wish I could get myself together enough to write fun witty posts! As for the numbers, have you seen the numbers book challenge? http://numberschallenge.blogspot.com/
There seem to be a dizzying array of book challenges these days. We were putting together a list of challenges over at Read This! http://danversreads.wordpress.com/
and the number is staggering considering some people seem to join every challenge going. I think you are safe to read Animal Vegetable, Miracle, there are no big breakdowns except cranberries. She's pretty reasonable to start with. It's funny, I haven't read any of the hundreds or thousands books you have mentioned. I must be living in a cave.


. . . and on the third hand, The Day Lasts More than a Thousand Years (which I don't think is a literal translation of the title) is about loss of traditional Kazakh identity and lifestyle under Soviet rule. Kind of a Central Asian Tolstoy-esque saga. It took me a while to get going, but it really grabbed me after a while. There's just not much fiction out there having anything to do with Central Asia.

But then again, I never made it through One Hundred Years of Solitude . . .

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