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January 17, 2008



Yeah, Lolita practically did all that singe-handedly anyway already.


Ha! Brilliant. And not unlike that Bradbury tale about stepping on a butterfly in the long past...


I think that if Nabokov had wanted them destroyed he would have done it himself, and the fact that he didn't means that he must have accepted the possibility that they would be of some interest when he was gone.

I wonder about JD Salinger - I assume he will die in the next decade, and how soon will the supposed piles that he's written start to be published?

Stephany Aulenback

Hi Fayrene! It's so good to see you.

I'm very curious about J.D. Salinger's stuff, too.


Stephany, I'm not very bright, but I don't think there are any butterflies in LOTR.

Patrick White (Oz Nobel prizewinner) wanted something similarly incendiary for his manuscripts - but the housekeeper kept them after all (I'm getting this a bit wrong, somebody kept them) - and now the magisterial biography on him should really be completely rewritten. A pity, as I bought it secondhand and haven't read it yet.

Stephany Aulenback

Genevieve, aren't there fairies in LOTR? If so, I say close enough.

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