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January 16, 2008



I recently found all of the following, all in a shoe box jammed under my bed: several old day planners with all my period dates marked; the ovulation charts with which we managed to get pregnant the first time; the first baby's poop and breastfeeding charts, carefully notated and accurate; the second child's same charts, MUCH more haphazard. I threw everything in the recycling. I hope no one finds them, EVER.

Thx for tagging! I love memes, they keep me going when I have nothing else of note to say : )


I consistently give the same wrong birthday, in which I confuse the number of my month with the numer of my day. It's weird, but there it is.

I will get to work on this!

And try again to get you to work in bloglines, too, because I keep forgetting to come on over with my crutch.

Kate C.

I'm on it! :)

Sean Carman

sure, I'll do it. Perhaps this weekend . . .


I don't have the poop calendar yet, but these days it wouldn't surprise me. I still have the breastfeeding/poop charts babelbabe mentioned. But just for the first week or two. That's all we managed. Then we kept track of everything my son at for about a month, because he had Salmonella (from Veggie Booty!) and the Health Department kept calling and asking what he ate two weeks prior. I felt like saying "Do you remember what you ate 2 weeks ago?" So, we decided to be prepared in case someone else asked us that question. Anyway, as far as things you didn't foresee, I would have to add holding my son over the toilet for 15 minutes. He enjoyed it thoroughly, but did nothing but sit there. He's a little guy, but I thought my arms were going to fall off. We bought a potty seat the next day.

mama without instructions

i can so relate to number 5. i think we all keep track of weird details about our kids but you sound very organized about it!

Stephany Aulenback

You know, you guys have reminded me of the breastfeeding and sleep charts. I think I'd blocked them.

Matthew Tiffany

The poop chart was very strictly maintained with daughter number one, as was the poop chart, for at least a year. "Strictly" also involved "guesstimating". With number two, it's been a little more relaxed - though now that she's starting on cereal and jar foods, we've noticed... differences, that are bringing the importance of charting back to the front.

The other night, reading one of the completely interchangeable Angelina Ballerina books, my elder daughter and I noted that the mice all wear clothes except for Anya, the visiting mouse exchange student, who appears naked throughout most of the book. My girl thought this was hysterical and wanted to know why; I considered telling her that in other countries, they're more comfortable with their nudity, but Pandora's Box is not to be opened at bedtime.

Matthew Tiffany

Sorry - "as was the feeding chart" - sometimes, it's all about the poop.

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