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January 28, 2008



God, how I am dreaming of a vacation somewhere warm. Anywhere warm. With almost any amount of stars, really. Maybe even devoid of towel art, if I must. But no, instead, I really MUST finish the damn reno on the third floor, if I can ever hold my head up unaided again. Crap. A recent and unexpected $3K inheritance to be spent on freaking drywall.


But if you go during the off-season, it's a bargain, right? (And by bargain I do mean "slightly less expensive than the rest of the time, but still equivalent to 6.2 years' worth of disposable income.")

Stephany Aulenback

Unfortunately, all the money we don't have this year -- and probably for at least the next 6.2 years, come to think of it M -- must be spent on "home improvements." Like you, kp. Only in our case they're less "improvements" and more efforts to stop the neighbours from coming round in the middle of the night and setting fire to the place...

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