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February 06, 2008


Working Dad

Wow, I can't believe a reviewer would write those paragraphs anywhere in the review. It is both unprofessional and smells of envy. I couldn't agree more about the power and impact of great children's books.

Susan T.

Amen. Well said, Stephany.


Writers are partly to blame for this attitude, as well. I remember reading that A.A. Milne generally disdained his Pooh stories, wishing instead that the world would honor him for his "adult" dramas. Why he wasn't satisfied with having created some of the most enduring characters in the history of Western literature, I just can't figure out.


I think you nailed it in the last paragraph there, actually. Where does the disdain for children and all related things come from, I wonder?


I read that article recently and rolled my eyes a lot. I wonder how Mieville (who is a brilliant writer, and has written enough about children's books he loves) feels about that review?

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