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April 01, 2008


Levi Stahl

I'm going to use this post as another excuse to say THANK YOU INTERNETS for having all that good stuff on you and easily findable! And for facilitating discussion of said good stuff, so that I can go read The Westing Game and Stephanie can go read The Tattooed Potato and the sum total of happiness in the universe can be increased!

I really don't stop to marvel at this stuff quite often enough, so I hope you'll forgive me for doing so here.


I LOVE The Tattooed Potato - it's not as polished as The Westing Game but it's funnier.


That's the Dylan I had as a child - also I loved her book Spectacles, about a girl gettign classes. Funny, and well-applied to me. Smart mama I had back then. But OMG - the Tattooed Potato is FABULOUS! You're going to love it.


THANK YOU INTERNETS indeed. I love the internet.

And I am loving The Tattooed Potato. Although it feels awfully familiar. I think I must have read it as a kid. I think the library copy I'm reading is a first edition. It's got a lovely potato tattoo on the back that I'll scan and post here soon.

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