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April 18, 2008



I think I need this book. Also, I'm a fan of Erik Blegvad's style (oh, The Winter Bear!)

Working Dad

Thanks, I'll be ordering this for my three-year-old daughter today.

Susan T.

Oh, I want this book, too, for myself. I mean, for my son. Thanks for the reminder.

elizabeth ellen

thanks so much for sharing this, steph. i've never seen anything like it. mmm...dollypops. must order.


My girls always loved to make mud pies! They would make a whole dinner-then ask me and their Dad to come to a special "dinner". Thanks for sharing the book!

Jane @ Kidzarama

I've just been to Amazon to investigate the possibility of getting this shipped to Australia. I love it!

victoria thorne

Late to party, but just blogged about this, tonight...and then found your post. I picked up a tattered copy in 1990? and it has been one of my number one treasures of the world ever since. (Have I said this already a dozen times? Again: Love your taste.) vt


i just found this while looking for a link for my blog (how fun!). i got this book for my daughter before she was born eight years ago and was so sad to see it out of stock everywhere. we've had so much fun with it!

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