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April 16, 2008


Sara O'Leary

Oh Frog & Toad and Amy Hempel - we have so much in common!

elizabeth ellen

frog and toad are my favorite! in fact, i saw them (frog and toad dolls just like these) in an aquarium gift shop in dallas last week and *almost* got them for luke...glad i didn't! i should have known you'd already have them. adorable house. just perfect for two good amphibious friends. i just hope they can avoid getting the "shivers."


love your doll house :^)

Matthew Tiffany

Okay: where (online) can I get the Frog and Toad action figures? (I'm a guy, so I have to say "action figures.") I know four people that would love them, and only two of them are kids, and only three of them aren't me.


Sara: I wonder if Amy Hempel is as into Frog and Toad as we are.

ee: Oh you're sweet to think of Luke. And what were you doing in Dallas last weekend? And I'd forgotten about the "shivers". We'll have to put in a fireplace.

Thanks Lori!

Matthew: For the three people who aren't you and the one who is, look here: http://www.townsquaretoys.com/Arnold_Lobel_s_Frog_and_Toad_Small_Plush_Set_p/cr7311s.htm
They've got the "action figures" labeled as small plush toys -- must be out of their minds.


These are fantastic. Loved your links too. The frog and toad thing is so cute and funny. I was expecting a real frog and toad and then scrolled down and read the wallpaper comment and laughed out loud.

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