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May 10, 2008


Sara O'Leary

Lovely piece, Steph. And I'd always suspected that about the little caps they put on babies in the maternity ward. Too much like the little soft-boiled egg warmers I remember from my childhood to be a coincidence.
Happy Mother's Day.


Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Sara!

Kate C.

Brilliant. Happy Mother's Day! :)


Right back at you, Kate!


We never had a hat in hospital. Maybe they could see in my eyes that I would not eat this baby.


So if you have a pearl onion in a vodka gimlet does fermented potato outweigh adorable miniature onion?


kittenpie: you call your little girl pumpkinpie on your blog. You are in denial!

Jacinda: Baby eater!


I just read this to my wife while she was nursing... I could barely read it I was laughing so much and my eyes were watering. She was laughing so much the baby almost fell off onto the floor.

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