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July 27, 2008


Kate C.

We may not be an statistically diverse sample but my friends and I grew up on Anne and love, love, love her. Hell, I named one of my daughters after Anne's alter ego. ;)


Growing up in India, Anne of Green Gables was one of my most favorite books and I've read it many times over. I've read most of the other books in the series too, though my interest dwindled after Anne became all grown up and boring. Anne of the Island was my other favorite. PEI and Nova Scotia seemed like such mythical places to me, it came as a shock to realize that they were in Canada.


No smart heroines? Hell, for those set in Victorian times (like Anne) alone, we've got Mabel Riley, Enola Homes, Gemma Doyle... And then the fantasy world is full of them, with Diane Duane's wizard books, Tamora Pierce and her whole catalogue, and so on. And there are lots of smart girl detectives. Plus plucky girl historical fiction heroines like Charlotte Doyle and most of Karen Cushman's characters... Oh, jeez. That's a stupid comment. Sounding like it's made by someone who just doesn't read good stuff, if you ask me.

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