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September 15, 2008


victoria thorne

At the risk of being your constant commentor: hope you've seen Maira Kalman's illustration, in "The Principles of Uncertainty," of that perfectly fabulous "keep calm and carry on" poster. Divine (just like everything else Maira does). And in perfect taste.

Am thrilled you mentioned the dig from "a.t." I don't go there much, but stopped by, saw the slight, and was not wanting to go back again soon. So many words, so little time. Stuff and nonsense.


You know, Victoria, I haven't seen that illustration! Must get "The Principles of Uncertainty." Love Maira Kalman. Thanks for telling me.


Fad, pfff. In blog land, it is a fad, but the 'for like ever' poster hangs next to my washing machine and I enjoy it every time I'm doing laundry again and for, like, ever.

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