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November 10, 2008


Sara O'Leary

Here's a little bit of a baby scene from Good to a Fault - the main character, Clara Purdy, is trying to cope with suddenly having a house full of people, not all of them entirely pleasant, and all the attendant chaos.

"Instead, she went into the bedroom and picked up the little baby, the one, the morning dew. The baby quieted immediately, holding her hand, his other arm clinging to Clara's neck, his body conforming to hers, his head warm against Clara's face.
Mine, she thought."

Longer excerpt here - http://www.freehand-books.com/books/2008-fall/excerpt-good-to-a-fault.html

I don't know how you have enough patience to transcribe/type these things, Steph.

And I've read van Arnim, but only because I went through a phase where I would pick up anything with that Virago green cover. Actually, I just got a new (to me) title last week. Playing the Harlot, it was called.

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