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December 12, 2008



Congratulations... Pretty exciting stuff!


Congratulations. You'll have to get Luke a bunch of books that show how great it is to be a big brother to help stem the nightmares.


I am so excited for you, Steph. Congratulations!


Congratulations. Now go take a nap.

Kate C.

Awww - Congratulations! Surprise babies are the best, really. I (sorta) had three! ;)


My goodness, that looks beautiful online. Up there with one of the most affecting photos I've ever seen on a blog, I think.
Thank you so much for posting it, and very good luck! and good sleeps!!

one of ours said quite matter of factly, of number three, when she was crying yet again at dinner time: ' and I think that baby should go back to the hospital'. (21 years later, of course, she sees it a little differently.)


Congratulations! Baby looks beautiful! Grainy and swooshy and beautiful. :)


Warm congratulations to you, David & Luke!

victoria thorne

Oh, this is so wonderful. Great joy in your life (little sleep). Take naps, as many as you can, be greedy about it. You deserve it. And you will feel so much better, throughout. My fourth came at 34, and I became a master napper. It was the only way through, and--in the end--we were all better for it. Blessings to all!


Oh, wow! Congratulations! It's incredible how many people I know who are getting pregnant or having babies over this span of about 18 months that we are in the middle of. Can't wait to "meet" ... er... it?

Susan O

Congratulations Steph!

Working Dad


Stephany  Aulenback

Thanks everybody. I have been taking everybody's advice and having lots of naps. When Luke is busy elsewhere.

Sara O'Leary

What a fantastic picture - that maybe baby is looking very real.
Happy Holidays to all of you - eat, sleep, and be merry.

Jennifer Niesslein

Hey, congrats!

Can you imagine the sibling rivalry between a child and his brother, the Baby Jesus? We love you the same! You're good at soccer and your brother can walk on water!


Hooray! Congratulations! I'm rather fond of the moniker 'Pookoo'. It has great potential.

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