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February 08, 2009



i have taken up knitting, and now - whoo hoo! I can knit the new baby something! Yay!

Hope your birthday was happy, and you had yummy cake : )

Stephany  Aulenback

Babelbabe, you're too sweet. And amazing. I don't know how you have time to turn around -- and now you're knitting.

We had TWO kinds of yummy cake, since this old, fat lady is now eating for TWO.

Lisa Peet

Happy belated birthday! You don't look a day over 399.


Oh, Steph, happy belated birthday! I'm so sorry you spent it filled with heart attack anxiety, but so glad you have armfuls (armsful?) of pink baby clothes.

Stephany  Aulenback

Thanks you guys.

And I don't FEEL a day over 399, lp.

Maud, I just washed them all. I should've taken a picture of them when I went to take them out of the washing machine -- so PINK just looking at the sodden mass could cause diabetes.

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