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April 10, 2009


Kate C.

I was forced to give up my occasional episode of Oprah after she started promoting The Secret, IMO, the stupidest book *evar* written.

It was a health hazard, really. With all the eye-rolling I was doing I thought I might end up with detached retinas...or something.

Perfectly Disgraceful

I need to get on this subject. Maddie is so seemingly uninterested in it, whereas Lily and I already have had a lot of talks about how private parts are private and should not be touched in front of other people. And while they are very nice, you should wash your hands after you touch them.


Wow - maybe I should give Oprah more credit. I think another mistake parents make when they either don't talk about sex early enough, or talk about it too narrowly, is to leave out any mention of the normalcy of homosexuality.


Kate, I so agree about The Secret. Not only stupid but insulting to those unlucky enough to suffer. I think it's actually dangerous.

Funny how two siblings can be so different, Mary!

Hush, you know, Berman didn't even mention that. Good point.

Brianne Nord-Stewart

I really wanted to see the Oprah episode because a) we've been talking about talk shows in my media history class but b) most importantly because I did a bit of research on this topic when I was writing my grad film.
I was hoping you won't mind me posting a link to the trailer.

It add a funny side to how some information without all of the information about sex can get misinterpreted.


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It made me giggle, I remembered the youth, in reality, it's funny, but in practice the language hang down without the words :]

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