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May 04, 2009



This book is not out in the States til fall, and I have not yet convinced my inner thrifty bookbuyer that it would be ok to buy it form amazon.ca and suck up the shipping and exchange rates, etc.

Perfectly Disgraceful

That little warbler is so cute.

I have been afraid to read more Byatt ever since a particulary horrific scene (medieval Languedoc cult that didn't let parents love their children) branded itself on my brain and will never leave. It comes back to me in bad moments.

But if you give it a Mother-Approved No-Horrific-Scenes rating, perhaps I can read this one.


Not sure I can read any more bios of children's writers, I get quite upset when I find they had extraordinary lives - or entertainers - Julie Andrews' early life is awfully sad and it's so draining.

Stephanie, I don't think your mind is like any kind of sieve, it's quite an enchanting place. First mother cuckoo - HEH.


Well, babelbabe, the exchange rates would be in your favour!

Mary, I don't think I've read that particular Byatt. Hmm, now I'm very curious. And I Must say that while individual scenes are not particularly horrific in this one, there are certainly some pretty off-putting characters and acts -- there's a lot of hinting around incest. A couple of the male characters are downright repulsive. And there are a lot of WW1 trench scenes at the end. Still, all in all, a very good book. Weirdly distant and panoramic maybe, but good.

Would never have guessed Julie Andrews had an unhappy childhood, genevieve. And thanks for the support re my mind!

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