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May 25, 2009



Don't get me started on the lack of IKEA. Having an IKEA and then having it taken away is worse than never having one at all.


One of my favourite things to do when I travel is go to the grocery store. I love looking at what people eat and how it's packaged. Even traveling to the US, I get to see all those mythical brands that I used to see on The Price is Right.


No IKEAS could be a good thing, I have to say. And Steph, you can always make a shopping trip to Montreal if you really feel the need.


NO IKEA? I'm so sorry... I'd send you some meatballs if they wouldn't go funky on the way.


We have coke bottles/cans from our various travels around the world. If you ever make it to Italy try the Coca Cola Light...not quite diet, not quite regular...yum.

When we lived in Europe we avoided McDonald's like the plague at first, then it became a fun little adventure, exactly as you described :)


We visit Pizza Hut in every country we travel to. The best PH is definitely in India- Paneer Pizza! Yum!

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