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June 02, 2009



I really, really didn't like We Have Always Lived In The Castle. REALLY didn't like.

But I loved (snorted my way through) Life Among The Savages. And I too did the doubletake. I hope Savages is her authentic voice.


This is precisely what I love about Shirley Jackson: she can turn children into lovable ruffians ("Charles", Life Among the Savages) or horrific little monsters (The Sundial, The Road Through The Wall) with a flick of her pen. How fantastic to be able to do both.

And I love how she talks about smoking all the way to the hospital in the cab. Very 1953.


HEH, my mother stopped smoking during her third pregnancy and started again in the labour ward.

Thanks so much for the reminder to look for this lady ASAP.


I read both of Jackson's family memoir type books and loved them. They are truly hilarious.

Rona Maynard

As a daughter of the 50s, when women smoked on the way to the delivery room (as one poster just remarked), I'm delighted to see the magnificent and underrated Shirley Jackson introduced to a new audience through her "mommy blogger" voice (how well put). On paper she created a rollicking life that contrasted sadly with the real one: alcoholism, lousy marriage and alienation in the small academic town where her professor husband was the star. I'm still sad for Shirley Jackson but I cheer for her creative revenge.

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