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June 20, 2009




She's lovely. I am happy for you that things are progressing well.


amazing story, steph. so happy everyone's healthy and beautiful and resting. looking forward to more stories. and stories of luke and sylvie. love to all. xoxo


Have you read finslippy's birth story? I thought if it when you mentioned the moo-ing. http://tinyurl.com/nfpdjr

Welcome to the world, Sylvie Rosalind! May you always be as impossibly cute as you are at this moment.


Congrats. She's a beautiful baby and congrats to the big brother as well.



Congratulations! Hooray! She's beautiful. I'm so glad everything is peachy, and I can't wait to hear (uh, read) all your stories. :)

(Also, though way less important: you can buy cute shoes at the GROCERY STORE?! What with that and the health care and the maternity leave, I totally want to move to Canada.)


Welcome to the world, Sylvie! Congratulations--and bloody show should really be a punk band.


Oh, Steph, she's gorgeous! And I'm glad you have an easy baby this time. Post more photos when she grows into the shoes.


Woot! Congrats! She is precious. I mean, not when she's all covered in slime and stuff, but otherwise? Totally cute.


Cead mille failte (A hundred thousand welcomes) to you Sylvie. Fabulous name, Steph. And what lovely feet. I won't show any teenagers those pictures, I promise.

Sara O'Leary

Oh, look at the perfect little doll. And Sylvie's a lovely name - do you know Sylvie and Bruno? - look forward to reading the continuing adventures of Sylvie and Luke.

Kate C.

Congratulations! She is so sweet. :)

Glad to hear you are both doing well!


I got her from Babelbabe's blog (she raved about yours and as a lover of books, I had to check it out.) Congratulations on Sylvie -- she's beautiful! As are her shows.

Where in NS are you? My mom's family, the Bellefontaines, are from Cape Breton.


Congratulations! I am amazed that you are finding the strength to blog about this after so short a time, quite a new area for the babies in literature...


Congratulations Stephany! She's beautiful. All best wishes and take care!


Congratulations! She is beautiful and I absolutely adore the shoes. My store doesn't have cute shoes like that.

I also have to say I love your imagery. I can hear the moaning ghosts flitting up and down the halls and the rattling applause of the bassinet wheels.

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