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August 28, 2009


Perfectly Disgraceful

She's the cutest baby ever! Seriously. Don't tell my kids I said that.

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti)

Too cute! I love those pics.


Aww, she's delicious!


She is so gorgeous.

And this: ". I love my baby, more desperately every day, but I haven't had that kind of immediate reaction to either of my newborns -- the line that resonates most for me in Roiphe's piece is "I also recognize that if you had a newborn every day of your life you would die." As the babies have gotten older and easier, I personally have found it easier to fall in love with them. In the beginning, the predominant feelings, for me, were anxiety and fear."

Thank you.


So I've been away tending my own babe for a while and found it impossible to keep up much blogging or reading, and here I return to find you with your new one! She is adorable, and my, those ARE good eyelashes, lucky girl.
congratulations, Steph.


Thanks you guys. You're the best.


may i chew on her, just an eensy tiny bit? Yum.

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