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September 12, 2009


baby gifts

An officemate gave me a book yesterday, it was Ciderella. Another officemate said she will give me Goldilocks, I hope she'll give me this one. ^_^
They said that it is good to start reading to children at an early age.

Fuse #8

Technically the term "real human hair" shouldn't be creepy. So why do I find it so? Thanks for the amazing links! I'll have to take a gander at these dolls when I get a chance.

Stephany  Aulenback

I know: just why is that phrase so creepy? I mean, I *have* real human hair.

Yikes. Now my head is itchy.


Goldilocks looks creepy here, although she resembles the typical porcelain doll my Auntie has since junior years. I am going to check this out, I never miss out the classics.

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