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October 13, 2009


Boy or Girl?

I used to,like you, think it was silly, now I'm not so sure. I'll do about anything to protect my children, even something I think is a bit silly!

Steph Burgis

I used to laugh about them too, but the police & fire services here in the UK actually ask parents to put them on our cars because it can be really helpful when there's been a terrible car accident for rescuers to see that sign and know to look for a baby in the car ASAP. It's not about prioritizing babies' lives over anybody else's - it's about making sure that in a horrible situation babies will get noticed and rescued in time (whereas adults are larger and harder to miss).


Now that I'm a parent, I feel these signs are considerate to other drivers. As in "CAUTION: This vehicle's driver is sleep deprived and is driving while drinking hot coffee and listening to a screaming baby and/or toddler in the back seat. MAINTAIN A SAFE DISTANCE."


Steph, I'm looking forward to that Mantel book as I share your fascination with the Tudors. Here's a link to a handy little crash course in the wives of Henry VIII courtesy of Horrible Histories (Euan's latest mania):


Duly noted, you guys.

And Sara, your little Euan has the BEST manias.

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