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October 24, 2009



Since you brought up the throw up, can I let you know that Harriet threw up INSIDE a guitar the other day? Babies are amazing people.


Oh no.

Yesterday I packed up three bags of equipment and changes of clothing for both children before we went out to lunch. As soon as we got to the yesterday, I lifted Sylvie out of her carseat -- and she promptly threw up all down the front of me. I'd neglected to pack a change of clothes for myself. Not as amusing as throwing up in a guitar but certainly one I'll remember.

David said, "I hope this is the only time she ever throws up in a pub."

We can dream.


This is so amazing. I wish that I had a creepy beauty queen wig for Baby Quinn. Can we add this to our baby-costumes-of-awesomeness post tomorrow? Linking back to you of course.

Kids Superman Costume

Cute, funny, disturbing...all of the above, that's for sure!

She's adorable, but the wig has to GO! lol

Happy Halloween, 2010

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