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January 20, 2010



My mother has three old charm bracelets - one is hers, one is my great aunts, and one is my great grandmothers. I love hearing the stories behind the charms (my great-aunts, for example, has a little silver drink-shaker cup. When you open the wee lid, a little red devil sticks his head out. Bertie grew up in the Depression.)

Mom never liked wearing them as bracelets, though - they catch on sweaters and things. If you open them all up and clip them end-to-end, though, they make a gorgeous and remarkable necklace.


Ooh J, we need photos of those bracelets! I love the idea of making a necklace out of them, too.


Oh, I understand! I spent way too much money on jewelry-making supplies before the holidays in order to make some charm-style bracelets using vintage buttons in lieu of charms. But now I'm out of vintage buttons, and those can be pricey, and I didn't even make one for myself.

I'm a sucker for charm bracelets and wear one of my mother's--from her high school days, mostly. My elder sis got the one from her travels in Europe, of course, because she was "practically born in Germany." Sigh.


That looks like a fun book!

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