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September 08, 2010




Kerry Clare

I've also had a dream about whether or not to breastfeed a cat. I am less disturbed about it now that I know I'm not alone, but a bit more disturbed also that I am not alone.


I've had some pretty lairy dreams this week myself - however I am at the other end of the world, so I guess we can't blame anything in particular!
No baby kittehs, though I often dream of babies or small children, I do confess.


""But the funniest part was that he was born able to talk," I said. "The first time Daddy held him, the baby announced, 'Polo is a sport.'"

sounds like the beginning of a stephany aulenback story! nudge nudge.

Jennifer Averitt

I love hearing that other people have dreams as strange as I do! I'm so glad you remembered it in such detail. I get annoyed if I can't remember what I dreamt about.

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