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June 13, 2011



I love this - we say this so often in our home.


I am going to do this.
It's very clever and cute.
Besides I never know what to get my hubby for fathers day.


We are planning on making this! I'm interested in where exactly found your tree and acorn. Yours are great and when I googled them, I found images that I didn't really care for.


I'm so glad people like them! Rachel, I'm going to email you the images. I found them a couple of weeks ago and weirdly, they're not there any more with I google "acorn" and "oak tree." Although there are lots of other suitable images there if you don't like the ones I chose once you see them close up.

Caroline Grossman

Would it be possible to email me the images also? I love this idea.


Caroline, just drop me a line at stephka at eastlink dot ca and I'll email them to you. (Your email address doesn't appear to have shown up in your comment information.)

T-Shirt Printer Toronto

Lol...Great idea. Very original. Truly bringing a saying to life.


Did it and love it! Thanks for the awesome suggestion!


How did this stand up to washing? When we've done t-shirt transfers they don't survive the washing even on delicate.


It stood up surprisingly well -- while both kids have outgrown their shirts, which they wore many times, their father still wears his t-shirt.

Ella hastings


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