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June 24, 2011



Scarlet fever sounds like just about the most romantic disease one could catch these days! An old friend of mine caught it in the US circa 1980, and it took everyone by surprise back then, too. Hope Luke has fully recovered and is back to normal.


My middle daughter had scarlet fever at Christmas...2006 or 2007. She was mis-diagnosed at the doctor's and hospital until a nurse saw her and remembered another little girl that had just been in with it. There was at least one other cause in her class.
It's not just unvaccinated kids that contribute to increasing diseases. Now, some diseases are mutating BECAUSE of vaccines, like what Prevnar "prevents". It is expected that many strains of HPV will mutate too because of the vaccine. Vaccines don't even offer 100% protection against the diseases, so vaccinated kids can get the diseases too, AND, they can still get the germs and spread them without getting sick themselves...this happens a lot with flu....you get the germs, you sneeze or touch your mouth and then something....before your body/the vaccine fights the germs you had just gotten.

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