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September 13, 2011



I don't know if you're a mystery fan, but there's an Agatha Christie book, Sleeping Murder, in which the pattern on the main character's childhood wallpaper is a crucial clue. And she talks about how well she remembers the pattern: little bunches of scarlet poppies alternating with blue cornflowers.

Then Miss Marple says to her that children remember their nursery wallpapers very well, and she's always remembered the mauve irises on her nursery walls.

Years later when I read Christie's autobiography, I saw that she'd given her own childhood memory to Miss Marple. She wrote, "I can see the wallpaper now - mauve irises climbing up the wall in an endless pattern. I used to lie in bed at night looking at it in the firelight or the subdued light of Nursie's oil lamp on the table. I thought it was beautiful. Indeed, I have had a passion for mauve all my life."


That looks to me very like a Liberty print:
Love that you've framed a little square of it.


Genevieve, I did go through an Agatha Christie phase, many, many years ago. But I don't remember the wallpaper thing -- thanks for telling me. I think it's true -- people remember their childhood bedrooms very well.

Sara, I've perused those Liberty prints before. There are a couple that are really close!

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