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January 09, 2012



I bet my 6 year old daughter would love to read about a girl who was so little she slept in a mitten! What a sweet, charming book!


Yes, please!! I've had it bookmarked. I love these books. Doesn't excellence in children's books make you beam??


Looks like a beautiful book. My children would really enjoy it!


i love books. particularly children's books.


I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, finding someone who loves this book as much as me, or finding another local mommy who blogs!

Lynn HImmelman

I'd love to read this book to my precious granddaughter, and then tell her about some of the things her Nanny did when she was small.

Lori Calder

Wonderful job! I bet my daughter, 11, would love to read this to my neice, 2. Thanks for your hard work!


Oooh, I'd love to win this dear little book. And it's my birthday today, but that is neither here nor there.


Ohh this does sound fabulous! My girls would adore it, I am sure. My fingers are crossed!


Too cute! We've never read these books in our house, but they look amazing! Great give-away!

Lisa Leone

i am still small. leonewaldron at gmail dot com.


The illustrations look lovely

Jessica @ Book Sake

When does it release in the states - so cute!

Heather Munson

Ah, I have had the other two books on my wish list since long before my infant daughter arrived! One way or another, we'll have to have this, too.

Jocelyn Wentzell

At first glance of the picture of the little girl in the mitten, the illustration looked so real that, I actually thought it was a real mitten, with a doll in it, lying on top of the book. Although I have never heard of these books before, I would love to win one for a special little girl whom I am sure would enjoy it very much and I would love to read it myself.


I'd love to read this book with my nieces.

Holly Corkum

This book looks so sweet, and what a great bedtime story it would be. Lily would love it!


my neice would love this book &so would I.


Fantastic! Thank you.


I love When You Were Small, and I can't wait to read this one. (And my kids will be excited about it, too!) ;)


These books look adorable! I would love a copy. :3
My email is stella.chen1994(at)hotmail.ca


I love to read books to my kids! It's the best kind of together time!


Jessica, I think the book will be available in the states in late summer.

Thanks for all the comments, guys -- tell your friends!

Steph Burgis

Ooh, please enter me in the giveaway! This looks great, and I bet my son would love it.


I am so happy to hear about you! and would love to have a copy of this book, too:)) So excited.

Julie Nauss

My twins would love this book and I would most certainly love reading it to them!! We read books everyday and this one is one they would treasure, we would love to have a copy of this book! :)


My kid would certainly enjoy it, but I would say that as an excuse! the one who loves children books is me! Anywhere in the world includes Bolivia??

Beth T.

Oh, lovely you. Thank you for sharing this book! I would be thrilled if it came to our house.


I am sure that my 7-year-old son would adore this book. He is constantly asking us about when we were little. :)


Sure Mar, anywhere in the world includes Bolivia!

Thanks for entering, everyone. Tell your friends.

Pia R Cruz

My son and I adore these books! Don't mind adding another to our collection. What a great writer-illustrator team this is. And thank you for being so generous with this wonderful give-away!

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